Visit the 10 most haunted spots in Tombstone's Historic District including the Birdcage Theatre, China Mary's in old China Town, Tombstone's General Hospital where patients died excruciating deaths and much more! Hear about the cold-blooded killing that happened in front of the O.K. Corral and see the corner where the Earp's and Holliday began their famous walk down to the O.K. Corral on the fateful day of October 26, 1881!

The total time of this exciting tour is one hour.

Tours are held every night at 6:30pm at Big Nose Kates'.

Other times are by appointment only.

Adults are $20.00, Children 12 and under are only $10.00.
Private and group rates are available.

Your Ghost Host Narrator is local Gunfighter and Historian Mickey Tucson


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The Legends of Tombstone:
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